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Juan Robalino
via Google

Found PROCEL BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU when searching for an extra curricular activity for my 14 year daughter. Wasn’t sure what to expect as my daughter is not an athletic person nor very motivated for exercising but at the very least I thought my daughter would learn some self defense moves so I signed her up.

To my surprise my daughter loves attending her Jiu-Jitsu class 3 days a week. This speaks volumes about their instructors, members and class style. My daughter has learned some self defense tactics which is an added plus as a parent and other Jiu-Jitsu moves which she happily shows me at home. Best extra curricular activity I could of found for my daughter. 5 star business.

Julianne Kasprzyk
via Google

Procel BJJ is absolutely phenomenal!! Professor Brian encourages an amazing atmosphere which you can feel in your very first class.

As a woman, I felt and continue to feel extremely comfortable and love that I am learning practical skills, self defense, and getting fit all at the same time. Professor and all the classmates want to see you grow and improve!

Great school, awesome people, fun classes, respectful environment, clean mats, no big egos, everything you want in a BJJ academy!

Myton Macachor
via Google

I’m very lucky to have found this place! I got interested in BJJ because I was looking to improve my self defense skills. By pure chance, I got an ad for a Valentine’s promo for a few classes so me and my girlfriend took advantage of it! Going to class is a great bonding activity and a considerable workout!

Coming into my first class, I was terrified especially because I was introverted but everyone was so nice and welcoming, especially Professor Brian. Going through the class, I realized that I didn’t know anything about effective self-defense but I feel much more confident now thanks to Professor and everyone there, they constantly provide tips and tricks to improve my technique.

Everyone here looks out for each other and wants everyone to get better! If you’re in the area, I would definitely advise that you stop by and try a class. You won’t know until you try and you’ll get stronger while having fun!

Rhea Mae Calubayan
via Google

My boyfriend and I did a trial promo at Procel BJJ and we both continued to train at the academy because we loved the classes. Professor Brian is very friendly and highly knowledgeable which creates a really productive and fun class. He also has plenty of videos and resources available for his students online which is great for when my boyfriend and I want to review moves outside of class.

As a small woman, I was really interested in starting BJJ to learn about and practice self defense. I have only started my BJJ journey at Procel for a few months now but already feel more confident in my self defense skills and definitely much stronger. Very excited to continue learning here with Professor Brian and the other students. I highly recommend Procel BJJ to anyone and everyone!

Joseph Lee
via Google

11/10 would recommend - one of the best decisions I've made in my life! Professor Brian and the members of this academy create the perfect atmosphere to begin your journey as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. The professor's mastery in BJJ, combined with his know-hows of being a great instructor will help you establish a solid foundation for delving into such an intricate martial art.

Like Brian, the members of the Procel Academy are all very warm and respectful individuals who are more than happy to welcome and assist new members. BJJ provides great physical exercise, as well as building character and a way to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Des Brownlie
via Google

I joined just over 3 months ago after contacting the school of my interest. Brian got back to me promptly and we arranged for me to come to a class the next day. How quickly my enquiry was returned was an early indicator of how well this was run. The classes were explained and to me and laid out how they work. I was impressed by everything that I was told and shown. I was asked what I was looking to get out of it and explained that getting back in shape, losing weight and learning Jiu Jitsu was my goals. That day I signed up and have went to the classes weekly. Since starting I have lost over 20lbs and nearly 3 inches on my waistline, also learning the, art of BJJ.

It is a great welcoming environment to learn and the classes are enjoyable, though you get a tough workout it is well worth it. The fellow students are very welcoming and helpful in passing on their knowledge to others learning. I would highly recommend this school, if you want to learn, lose weight feel better fitness wise in a comfortable environment.

Natalie Cadillo
via Google

As a female with interest in learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a professional and welcoming atmosphere was important to me. I researched and visited about 4 gyms in the Hoboken/ Jersey City area before finding Procel BJJ. Other gyms really don’t compare.

From Professor Brian to a beautiful and clean gym to the fellow students… Everything is A+. Professor Brian goes above and beyond… He answers any and all questions… Is always willing to stay after class to answer questions and work with students one on one. Never having tried BJJ before I was pretty nervous going in. Professor Brian and every student made me feel welcome and very at ease.

I’m very glad I didn’t give up and kept searching until I found Procel BJJ!

Landon Essex
via Google

I honestly found my passion of Jiu Jitsu because of Brian. I was a student of his at MSU and he showed up to class every day with the intention of making sure everyone there was getting the most out of the sessions. I honestly wouldn't be as involved in the BJJ community as I am now without having Brian as my first professor. If you're looking for a place to train where your professor is just as passionate to watch you mature in the sport as they are with sharing their knowledge then this is where you need to be.

Scott Buchanan
via Google

Brian is a fantastic instructor whether you're in year 1 of jiu jitsu or year 15. He cares deeply about his students' development and has the patience of a true teacher. He brings a very positive energy to an often difficult sport. With the perspective of having trained at several schools, I can say that Brian's enthusiasm for jiu jitsu was instrumental in my decision to pursue it long-term...NOW GO TRAIN AT PROCEL BJJ!

Ben Grippi
via Google

I have been training in classes taught by Professor Brian Procel for a couple years now and I couldn’t be happier. He’s approachable, he has a great teaching style, and he really cares about each student’s progress. Brian’s deep knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is obvious. He emphasizes the fundamentals of each technique and explains complex principles in simple easy terms. I’m excited that he’s now moving forward with his own school, which I’m sure will be very successful. Looking forward to taking classes in JC!

Brian Sica
via Google

I was part of a group of some of Brian's first students in BJJ and am extremely glad I was able to learn from him. He made the fundamentals and safety a priority for all his students. Brian's vast knowledge and passion for BJJ really shines through every class!

Sara Cleary
via Google

Brian is an AWESOME leader and teacher. I’m thankful I’ve learned what I have from him, as he is a dedicated and caring instructor. He genuinely cares about your growth as a student and works hard to make Jiu-Jitsu easily understandable so you can excel quickly and effectively.

I LOVE the attention to detail when explaining moves. It makes it easy for me to learn moves and move forward in my study of BJJ.

Andrew Guadagnino
via Google

Brian is one of the most technical instructors I’ve learned from in about 8 years of training. Great class structure, as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport make it incredibly easy to learn in his classes. Take the opportunity to train with him…you won’t regret it. ?

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